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About us

The XO GROUP is an independent consulting company.

The XO GROUP provides its clients with a wide range of services:

XO GROUP has many years of experience and has maintained good relationships with banks, institutional and private investors for many years.

For the XO GROUP, the requirements of its clients are always particularly in the foreground.

We expect each of us to deliver what is promised, to be reliable and responsible.

In our work and in our relationships, we are guided by honesty, fairness, truth, sincerity, and respect.

We recognise the impact of our work. We stand for fairness in our dealings with all and make our decisions with shared values in mind.

We work together in a spirit of trust, commitment, and goal orientation.


Especially in economically difficult times, companies are repeatedly faced with fundamental questions.

Regularly reviewing the paths taken is the hallmark of an intelligent entrepreneur. This is where we find new approaches. At the same time, the implementation of these approaches is an integral part of our involvement.

Our service is the precise analysis of the company’s quality. Both the business model and the goals set play an essential role.

Sustainability is the driving force. Short-term successes remain important. But they are subordinate to the long-term corporate goals.

Develop ideas – implement – control. This is how we deliver successful strategies.


Your project is important to you. And it is part of your future. Not your competitor’s.

We handle your ideas, data, and goals discreetly. Our clients know that.

If you want to get a feeling for our experience, please ask us. On a depersonalised basis, we’ll be happy to tell you about our client projects.

Am Buchbaum 29
DE 60437 Frankfurt am Main